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St. Michael's College Alumni Association Australia was formed in 1998. The long history and tradition of St. Michaels College is one of which we remain proud of. It is the duty of the present and past students to help the College to maintain its reputation and standards of excellence.

Role of our Association
The Alumni association is responsible for building strong partnerships between alumni members and the College.

Throughout our history, the College has benefited from the active involvement of many past students associations who are committed to help the college to maintain its high level of excellence.

Specifically, the Alumni Association is committed to maintain communication within past students, strengthen the bond between the College and fund projects through member contributions and annual fund raising activities..

    - Visit the pages on this site to find out more about our events and projects
    - Use the email below to let us know your current contact information
    - Come to alumni events
    - Join the alumni association by contacting us
    - Let us know your views on how we are progressing and what we can do differently to play a more active role.

For further information you may contact us at : michaelitesaustralia@yahoo.com.au

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Dinner Dance 2010 photos now available

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